This Lunar New Year has been an unprecedented and different one with many of us celebrating apart from our family and loved ones which should be the time for reunion.

Despite that, we know it is worth it for we are doing our part in breaking the chain of infections with one thing in mind – going back to our loved ones safely one day.

Celebrating the Lunar New Year is extra thrilling and special than before when we can make our own ornaments and decorations at home. Also, what better idea to make a DIY Golden Bull as a gift?

Of course, in this year of Metal Ox, we are 3D printing a Golden Bull that signify strength and perseverance to come through in this difficult time.

Continue to read up for a detailed guide in how we 3D-printed a Golden Bull to welcome the new year!

First, download the Golden Bull STL file from GrabCAD – the largest online community of professional engineers, designers, manufacturers, and STEM students.

Inspect and repair the STL using the free software from Microsoft 3D Builder.

Since we were going to print in full size by using Rax5050. The size was too big and it exceeded the build volume of 500*500*500mm.

Hence, we are cutting it into 5 pieces to ease and optimise the printing process.

The Slicer used was Ultimaker Cura 4.7 with Custom Supports Plugin installed to customise support at the area needed easily.

Slicer setting
Layer height                : 0.35mm
Nozzle size                  : 0.80mm
Material                       : PLA
Temperature               : Nozzle 190oC, bed 50oC
Wall line count           : 2
Top bottom                 : 4 layers
Infill                              : 20%
Print speed                  : 40mm/s
Brim                            : On, 20-line count
Support                       : Off, custom support at certain area

Printer used was updated with custom firmware and modified direct extruder with 0.8mm nozzle size.

With the custom firmware, we were able to perform a 49-points bed levelling to greatly increase the success rate of first layer print.

With the filament sensor, it paused the print when we ran out of material which saved us several times from scrapping the 18 hours printed part.

The semi-completed part was post-processed before assembly.

The stringing was removed with a heated air gun and a trimming tool was deployed to remove unwanted droplets. The parts were sanded using a file, sanding sponge and rotary tool.

Coat the parts with Bondo Filler Primer and a thin layer of paint before joining and bonding.

The contact point was too small; hence glue is not suitable for joining applications. The filament welding method with 3D pen was used to ensure the bonding is strong and sturdy.

After touching up the joint with a sanding sponge, final layer spray was applied.

Ta-da! A fabulous Golden Bull is ready to rock your home party!
Make your own Golden Bull at the comfort of your own home. We promise it was nothing but fun!

3D printer used: RAX5050
Filament: PLA

To enquire about the 3D printer and printing materials, contact the IME 3D printing team.