3D Printed Mobile Kiosk Assembled - Diagonal View

Concept Model for Mobile Kiosk Cart

When was the last time you “tapau” food from a mobile kiosk? These mobile kiosks are getting immensely popular especially in colleges and universities.

This time, we 3D printed a novel mobile food kiosk for concept modelling. It was designed by an architecture student in Taylor’s University and wanted to see how it will look like – physically.

Here is the file source & technology we used:

File Source: Client
Technology:  FDM
Printer:  Idea Series – uPrint SE Plus
Materials: ABSPlus-P430 Black, ABSPlus-P430 Grey
Build Time:  32 hours (we printed this in 3 batches for assembly purposes)

Screenshots prior printing:


3D Printed Mobile Kiosk Cart

3D Printed Mobile Kiosk Cart, looks pretty cool eh?


  • For concept modelling and upon request, this was printed in pieces for assembly to study the design & precision printing. Of course if needed, this can be built in a single print.
  • As this will be detached and reassembled for quite a number of times, we printed this in FDM so it will be more durable.

We’re excited to see new mobile kiosks design coming up and hope that this will breathe a new life into architecture design!

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