3D Printing: From Prototyping to Production in Automotive Industry

3D printing technology is proving vital in the design studio and factory floor alike. The automotive industry is transforming with 3D printers moving from an optional piece of equipment for producing relatively simple prototypes to an absolute necessity across all aspects of the vehicle development process — to stay ahead of the competitive field.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Additive Manufacturing 2.0 – the way forward of Automotive Industry
  • How to stay ahead in the competitive field by leveraging on Additive Manufacturing
  • Ways to simplify production by working smarter
  • The easiest metal 3D printing solutions


  • How Additive Manufacturing are Changing the Automotive Industry and Why You Should Be Ready for It
  • What is AM 2.0? How is It Impacting the Additive Manufacturing
  • How to Beat Your Competitor with Additive Manufacturing


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