3D Printing: From Prototyping to Production in Automotive Industry

The healthcare industry has always been a big adopter of 3D printing in sufficing a wide spectrum of needs ranging from anatomy modelling to custom prosthetics. We have seen 3D printing easing the burden of supply chain with on-demand production of personal protection equipment and medical devices in the heat of global pandemic.

As Additive Manufacturing applications are catapulted at midst of a global crisis, we are joined by Materialise and CBMTI (University of Malaya) to discuss on how they have utilised 3D printing technology in the continuous advancement of healthcare industry.


In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How industry leaders in Malaysia are benefiting from 3D printing
  • The use of 3D printed bio-models and human anatomy in educating doctors of the future
  • How 3D printing is used in the decision making process before surgeries
  • A glimpse into the future of 3D printing in healthcare

Key Highlights:
• Skip tooling and bridge to production for parts to market faster
• Reduce supply chain cost for after-market product or end of life spare parts
• Achieve cost-effective on demand production with 3D printing technology

Watch the Webinar

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