RAX 2030

The New 3D Printer at Bay

While working on-site and running factory production has become a challenge, 3D printer at bay comes in handy where you can produce at anytime and anywhere.

The beauty of RAX 2030 is you can easily set up your own manufacturing farm at home that runs your short project with safety considerations. RAX 2030 is the ultimate printer for versatile makers that is designed with industrial quality in affordable kit.


Dual Z-Axis

Offers more stable levelness on the print bed.

Power Loss Recovery

Automatically pause printing from power loss and resume printing from where it left off when it gets electricity.

Dual Fan Cooling

Faster cooling and more efficient radiating. Reduces filament blockage and promotes aperture precision.

Filament Loss Recovery

Auto pause when filament runs out of break. Automatically resume printing when it gets new filament. High success ration of your print.

Huge Build Volume

More space for creation.



A thermoplastic made from renewable resources, PLA helps you produce design concepts quickly and economically.


Build translucent prototypes in amber, red and natural color with ABSi and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology.


A true industrial thermoplastic, PC (polycarbonate) part is 5-60 percent stronger than a part made on previous FDM systems.

 Is the RAX 2030 series right for you?