Objet1000 Plus

Build Industrial-scale Parts and Mixed Trays

The Objet1000 Plus is an easy to operate, wide format 3D printer for rapidly creating industrial size models and 1:1 scale prototypes. The Objet1000 Plus combines the advanced precision of inkjet-based 3D printing with Objet’s renowned Connex multi-material build capability which offers a choice of over 120 materials – with materials that simulate both standard and ABS-grade plastics.

Key Features

Wide Variety of Materials

An unrivalled range of over 120 materials to simulate diverse mechanical and physical properties, from rubber to rigid; opaque to transparent; and standard toABS-grade engineering plastics.

Digital Materials

The ability to create up to 100 composite digital materials fabricated on the fly.

Extremely Large Build Envelope

Create big, 1:1 scale prototypes requiring high precision – 1000 x 800 x 500 (39.3 x 31.4 x 19.6 in).

View a Demonstration on Objet1000 Plus’ Capabilities

With an ultra-large build tray measuring 1000 x 800 x 500 mm (39.3 x 31.4 x 19.6 in.), the versatile Objet1000 Plus amplifies productivity without sacrificing accuracy.

Print Materials

Wide Variety of Materials

Using Objet’s patented simultaneous multi-material jetting technology, the Objet1000 Plus can print up to 14 different material properties within a single printed part. The system is uniquely useful for designers and engineers looking to effectively highlight the varying material components in complex or assembled products.

From an unrivalled range of over 100 materials, the Objet1000 Plus allows users to select as many as up to 90 Digital Materials with varying mechanical properties, textures and shades simulating anything from rubber to transparency, to rigid engineering plastics.

Feature Specification
Layer Thickness Horizontal build layers as fine as 16 microns (0.0006 in.)
Tray Size (XxYxZ) 1000 x 800 x 500 (39.3 x 31.4 x 19.6 in)
Net Build Size (XxYxZ) Same as tray size; max model weight on tray: 135 kg
Build Resolution X-axis: 300 dpi
Y-axis: 300 dpi
Z-axis: 1600 dpi
Printing Modes Digital Material (DM): 30-micron (0.001 in)
High Quality (HQ): 16-micron (0.0006 in)
High Speed (HS): 30-micron (0.001 in)
Supported Primary Model Materials • Vero Family opaque materials
• VeroClear – clear transparent material
• Tango Family rubber-like flexible materials
Digital Materials • Transparent shades and patterns
• Rigid Opaque shades
• Rubber-like blends in a range of Shore A values
• Simulated Polypropylene blends in rigid and flexible options
Accuracy 20-85um for features below 50mm; Up to 300um for full model size (for rigid materials only, depending on geometry, build parameters and model orientation)
Material Cartridges 6 sealed 18 kg (39.6 lb) cartridges. Two different model materials loaded. Hot-swappable replacement during print
Machine Size and Weight Height: 1960 mm (77.5 in.)
Width: 2868 mm (113 in.)
Depth: 2102 mm (83 in.)
Weight: 2200 kg (4850 lbs.)
Special Facility Requirements Floor withstand 750 Kg/m2
Air evacuation system