Nylon 6


High Strength, Superior Toughness

FDM Nylon 6 possesses the best combination of tensile strength and toughness among FDM materials. It fills the niche between the flexibility of FDM Nylon 12 and the rigidity of carbon-filled FDM Nylon 12CF.

Tuned for FDM Performance

3D print with one of the most widely used commercial nylons. FDM Nylon 6 delivers the right balance of performance in an FDM filament to successfully print nylon 6 prototypes and parts.

Typical Applications


Concept validation and prototypes.


Jigs, Fixtures, End-of-arm tools, Composite molds

Production Parts

Low-volume production and highly customized parts.

Performance Properties

Printer Compatibility


For big parts, large print jobs or a combination of both, rely on the F900, compatible with most Stratasys FDM thermoplastics

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