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Pinhole Camera Designed By Primary School Student

You wouldn’t believe that a primary school student with NO experience in CAD software manage to design a pinhole camera, check out how it looks like below. Outcome: We started this project few months back to teach student on how to design using SolidWorks and also printing out their designed models. This model in particular […]

Embedding Application in 3D Printing

3D Printing has been flexible in many ways and of course – even in embedding IT chips. It is widely known that this technology is capable of integrating electronics into the prototype, just by pausing and inserting the chip. During our preparation for SolidWorks Innovation Day, we toyed around this similar concept, but instead of […]

How We Turn iPhone 4 Into Loud Speaker.

The Story Behind The Idea With the recent hype on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, we decided to shower some love for its predecessors, and no, we are not doing any bend test. Just in case you didn’t know, we just ended our nationwide SolidWorks Innovation Day few weeks ago. However during the planning of the […]

3D Printed Fixture for Consumer Electronic

What is a fixture? A fixture is mainly used in manufacturing industry to hold manufactured part and act as a support device to secure position in a specific location or orientation. The use of fixture is widely adopted by manufacturers as it improves the productivity by streamlining operation and quick transition from part to part. How […]

Wind Tunnel Testing with 3D Printed Aeroplane

Wind tunnel test is an integral part of the design process in many industries, especially for aerospace. This is used to verify and study the aerodynamic properties of solid objects such as air velocity and pressure. Traditionally, concept model made for wind tunnel testing relied heavily on CNC machining. Common materials are metal, plastics and compisites. […]

Concept Model for Mobile Kiosk Cart

When was the last time you “tapau” food from a mobile kiosk? These mobile kiosks are getting immensely popular especially in colleges and universities. This time, we 3D printed a novel mobile food kiosk for concept modelling. It was designed by an architecture student in Taylor’s University and wanted to see how it will look like […]

How We 3D Print A Tower’s Dome

When was the last time you went for a property search, especially new property launches? We often scout around the models, checking if the facilities are built as per promised. Checking the traffic around the vicinity, direction and coordinates for the best Feng Shui. These property models are typically handmade from card boards to wood, […]