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CASE STUDY: How TXMR Showcase Chassis Jig Solution Through 3D Printing

TXMR Sdn Bhd¬†is a full fledge manufacturing solution provider that mainly focuses on automotive industry, in particular, precision die cut components and manufacturing support products. They provide a complete manufacturing engineering services ranging from ideas, research and development, prototyping to mass production for mechanical and electrical engineering. As a manufacturing solution provider, TXMR has automated […]

CASE STUDY: Doing Quality Testing on Petzl Sitta with Customized Jig

Petzl Manufacturing Malaysia uses¬†their jigs and fixtures measure of quality assurance for their product – Petzl Sitta. While making jig and fixture is nothing new, what’s interesting is the way Petzl Manufacturing Malaysia¬†integrate 3D printing into their existing processes. If you own a manufacturing floor you would be very familiar with the usefulness of jig […]

Cutting Costs With Traditional Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding¬†is one of the most widely used manufacturing processes in the world today. Look around you and you‚Äôll probably see dozens of injection molded parts in your wallet, kitchen, car and office. Here is a quick explanation on plastic injection molding process by¬†MATRADE: Injection molding is a process of injecting molten plastic into […]

Can 3D Printers Print Magnifying Lens?

The design of the 3D printed magnifying lens was inspired by a regular magnifying glass available today. This idea is to test out whether VeroClear material is capable of magnifying objects as well as a normal convex lens. The magnifying theory was used during the design of this lens. Once the theory has been set, […]

Why Aesthetic Design Is Important For Footwear

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. Marilyn Monroe is right, but only half right, because this statement applies to all of us. When it comes to footwear, majority of us would be attracted by the¬†aesthetic design first, then followed by trial to check whether we’re feeling comfortable after wearing […]

3D Printed Optics Inspired by Disney Research

  Inspired by Disney‚Äôs Research & Development team for their 3D printed optics, we’ve designed a 3D printed light pipe block to experiment on¬†light travelling across by using VeroClear¬†from Objet500 Connex3. This light pipe block uses the light travelling theory such as the deflection theory, theory of light intensity and the optics theory. Here is […]

3D Printing Open Day

Hey guys, we’re organizing a 3D Printing Open Day (or Open “Office”) at 14th of March (Saturday) 10am- 12pm. So what’s so special about this Open Day? RMD houses industrial grade 3D printers.¬† These printers weight a ton (the lightest we have was 90KG), so you don’t get to see this all the time. We […]

The New Shape of Manufacturing Conference

Manufacturing industry is always about better efficiency and profitability. In fact, making improvement on this proven success model is tough, however it needs to be done. Instead of purely upgrading¬†machines for better productivity, we would like to introduce you to a Process Optimization. Jointly organised by IME, Rapid Model & MAWEA, this conference is conducted […]

Sand Casting Workshop – 3D Printing Seminar

In sand casting process, the most common approach is to produce patterns using CNC machining. But problems like incorrect shrink compensation and design flaws can occur; these generally require that the pattern be reworked which adds to the expense and lead time. Join this workshop to learn how 3D Printing helps you in enjoying: Reducing […]

The Impossible Triangle

I suppose most of us are pretty familiar with this – impossible triangle optical illusion.   What about a 3D printed one? Don’t mind the triangle, we were too excited to check out the optical illusion instead of cleaning it properly (it was printed in rubber-like material from Polyjet). Do you have any optical illusion […]