ABS M30i


 Bio-Compatible ABS-M30i for Strength and Sterility 

ABS-M30i is a biocompatible 3D printing material perfectly suited for medical, pharmaceutical and food-packaging engineers and designers to produce surgical planning models, medical devices, tools and fixtures.

High Strength, Sterilizable FDM Material

ABS-M30i is a strong, biocompatible material capable of sterilization and suitable for use in medical devices. It complies with the test requirements of ISO 10993 (biological evaluation of medical devices), USP Class VI (plastic biocompatibility) and ISO 18562 (biocompatibility of breathing gas pathways in applications such as ventilators, breathing tubes, resuscitators and other airway-related devices). Test results for ISO 18562 are available from the link below.

Typical Applications


Knobs, jigs, grips, seals, gaskets, hoses, handles


Rubber-like components, surrounds and overmoulding

Medical Models

Simulating soft tissue for surgical evaluation

Performance Properties

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