3D Printing Open Day

Hey guys, we’re organizing a 3D Printing Open Day (or Open “Office”) at 14th of March (Saturday) 10am- 12pm.

So what’s so special about this Open Day?

  • RMD houses industrial grade 3D printers. 
  • These printers weight a ton (the lightest we have was 90KG), so you don’t get to see this all the time.
  • We will be sharing some technical know-how + advanced 3D printing applications (R&D, Manufacturing line, and many more).
  • Take a look at our awesome printed samples (we promise that it looks really cool)

Spend some time on Saturday morning and join us for an inspiring session. Remember to RSVP on both platforms (Facebook & EventBrite):

RSVP: 3D Printing Open Day

EventBrite: Grab Tickets Here

The New Shape of Manufacturing Conference

Manufacturing industry is always about better efficiency and profitability. In fact, making improvement on this proven success model is tough, however it needs to be done. Instead of purely upgrading machines for better productivity, we would like to introduce you to a Process Optimization.

Jointly organised by IME, Rapid Model & MAWEA, this conference is conducted in tailored sessions for specific audience, more event details below:

C-Level Talk:9:30am – 12:30am (Morning Session)

Date : 31st of March
Venue : Connexion@Bangsar South
Technical Session A – Steel Industry : 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Technical Session B – General Manufacturing : 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Fee : F.O.C. (By Invitation Only)

Sand Casting Workshop – 3D Printing Seminar

In sand casting process, the most common approach is to produce patterns using CNC machining. But problems like incorrect shrink compensation and design flaws can occur; these generally require that the pattern be reworked which adds to the expense and lead time.

Join this workshop to learn how 3D Printing helps you in enjoying:

  • Reducing Production Lead Time by 50%
  • Average 30% – 70% lead time savings
  • Average 60% – 80% of cost savings
  • Automating pattern production
  • Greater design freedom with production flexibility
Date : 15 March 2015 (Sun)
Time : 10.00am – 01:00pm
Venue : SFEIA Office
Fee : F.O.C. (By Invitation Only)