FDM Applications

3D Printing with FDM Technology

Build Durable Parts with FDM

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is an additive manufacturing technology that builds functional prototypes and production parts layer-by-layer in engineering grade thermoplastics.

These engineering grade thermoplastics are capable of enduring high stress, tolerance, chemical reactions which is valuable to demanding industries such as consumer products, aerospace, automotive and defense  industries.


By building it layer-by-layer along with high endurance materials, it is possible to create complex geometries that are unattainable with conventional manufacturing methods. FDM can be applied in concept modeling, functional prototyping and even up to a small scale production for manufacturing tools i.e. jigs and fixtures, thermoforming and investment casting patterns. Some aircrafts have even adopting FDM technology to print aviation parts for end use purposes!

The value of FDM technology is steadily growing in the industry based on its wide range of applications. With the ever demanding on  shortening business lead time, FDM technology revolutionizes the industry by providing a solid solution in prototyping.


Overview of 3D Printing

Before we go into the secrets of 3D printing, let’s have a quick understanding of what 3D printing is:

It is known as additive manufacturing technology. The essence of this technology lies in printing layer-by-layer. Think of it as lego where you build something piece by piece.

Now we have a basic understanding of how it works, it is time to reveal the five main uses of 3D printing.


#1 – Idea Realisation

Think of it this way, there is a design issue which you wish to rectify but you’re stuck at design validation. Simple, now you can just 3D Print it.  Look what they did for Emma.


#2 – Precision for Functionality

The functional clock below is 3D Printed in a single build. No post assembly needed.


#3 – Cost Effective For Small Productions

Conventional method may cost up to ten thousands for small production tooling. 3D printing can save up to 80% of cost reduction, yet faster production time as it skips many post-processes.


#4 – Prototyping to End-Use-Parts

Trek – a bicycle manufacturer has used 3D printer for design validation, which you can view here. Even big players in aerospace & automotive industries are also 3D printing parts for end-use assembly.


#5 – More than Plastics (ABS)

It is not only digital ABS, we have materials ranging from transclucent to rubber-like materials, or even bio compatible materials. You can view it here.


We have also covered why different applications require different technology, which you can refer here: Polyjet and FDM technology.


RMDxSIRIM – DDM 3D Printing Seminar Highlights

It’s been a month since our co-organised DDM event with SIRIM. Here are some of the event highlights:

Our sample display before the crowd arrive along with our limited edition (3D printed) doorgift!:

When the crowd came in a flock:

And our exclusive speaker Ganesh & Ryan from Stratasys in action, not forgetting some live tour to RP gallery at SIRIM:

And we provide good breakfast & lunch for a free event 🙂

We are really glad that most participants went back with happy faces as existing business problems were addressed with the applications sharing. There are more events in the pipeline and we hope it will inspire you in some way, so stay tuned!

Note: We will be having DDM Seminar at Johor, collaborating with UTM. Click here for more information. 

DDM Jigs & Fixtures

[OVER] DDM JOHOR – 3D Printing Seminar

Due to overwhelming response at our DDM event, we will now be co-organising with UTM for another DDM Seminar at Johor.

Just a quick overview of what DDM is:

Direct Digital Manufacturing or in short DDM, is a manufacturing process that introduces alternatives in product design, manufacturing methodology and business operations.

We will be discussing about how DDM will be helping out businesses, especially in end-use-parts, jigs & fixtures. Most of the time via traditional means, production tooling often takes too long and costs a bomb with the customisation and number of revisions.

And this is where DDM comes into play. Join our workshop to learn how these applications would benefit you in reducing production and development cost.

Date : 30 April 2014 (Wed)
Time : 10.00am – 4:00pm
Venue : Block C25 Seminar Room, UTM FKM, Johor
Fee : F.O.C. (By Invitation Only)

Register Now– The event is over now, thank you for your participation!


Connex3 - Front View

3D Printing Gallery

We are doubly excited to announce that our very own RMD Gallery is in the midst of renovation. Check our our sneak peek at the gallery below.

Say, if we were to open this to public for viewing & understand more about 3D printing & applications, would you love to join and participate?